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New Relic – Client side metrics

Hi, we wanna to use newrelic to collect some informations from our users. Follow the steps of newrelic does not work.

How could I inject in yellowin pages the newrelic code (javascript) or google analytics track code if was the case?

Thank you for putting your question on our forum.

At this time, we are unaware of anyone using New Relic or Google Analytics
Web Tracking within the YF platform.

This is not to say it is not possible but clearly it is untested and
most likely would be unsupported.

Depending on what type of information you are looking to acquire from your users you may
also want to check out the pre-built auditing content that is available on
the Marketplace of our website.

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However, I will double check with Dev and Sr support on your query
and if I have overlooked something I will update this forum post

Thank you!