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Number of times a report is run


I'd like to know how many times a given report has been run. I know I can see when it was last edited, but that doesn't give me a full picture of the report's usefulness to the business.


Hi Suneeth

We have usage reports that can be run that are based on your version of software.
Which version of Yellowfin software are you using?
Once I have this I can do a quick test and provide an answer.

Thank you
Hi Suneeth

Please check out the link below which contains different Usage Reports that are free to download.
I believe you should find what you are looking for in these free reports.
Let me know if they do help.

note- These usage reports far for version 7.1 so let me know if you have an older version.

Thank you
7.1 Usage Reports
Thanks Mark.Usage Reports are of great help.