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Numeric display color

Can you add ability to control "numeric display" chart color by the "Conditional Format"?
Hi Rami

Thank you for the forum post question for controlling colors by theConditional Format.

If you need to always have the same colors then you could set the number and color up in a list under Org Reference Codes. Here is a link for explanation of setup.

Org Reference Codes

Are you looking for a small list of specific numbers to always use the same color or a very large amount of numbers?

Thank you for your replay.
My question was about controlling the color of the "numeric display" chart using the "conditional formating", the way it done with other charts (e.g. pie chart).
I Like to set the numbers in the "numeric display" chart according to the "conditional format" option.
Hi Rami

Sorry about the confusion.

You can change the color to a certain degree within the chart. See attachment.
Are you looking to change multiple numbers?

Thank you

I know how this chart works.
I'm looking for a new feature that will enable to determine the color of the digits according to the value (e.g. >50 than red; < 20 than green; between 20 and 50 than yellow).
Yellowfin has it in other chart type (e.g. Bar chart).
So, returning to my initial post :

Can you (Yellowfin Team) add ability to control "numeric display" chart color by the "Conditional Format"?

Thank You,

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OK Rami all set.

The Enhancement Request 180773

Thank you and enjoy the weekend.
I would also like this feature. Is there any update as to when it might be available?
Hi Rose,

Unfortunately at this point in time the task has yet to be planned.
Very sorry for the bad news on this!


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