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“Oh no, an error has occurred …” Error while creating dashboards / reports


We recently have started getting the following error while attempting to create or edit a dashboard tab :-

Forum image

Also, after we click "ok" , the left pane to add reports doesn't load and remains frozen on the "loading.." screen :-

Forum image

This is happening on our production server and we are hard pressed on time, so any solution would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Asif,

Really sorry for the delays.

Are you able to send across the logs from yellowfinappserverlogs to and reference this post.

Also note, in future, any errors/defects you come across can be emailed through, as we try to keep the forum for FAQs and how-to's.

I'm wondering if you recently added a report, or ran an update prior to this occurring?
I have a hunch that a report thumbnail is failing to load so it's stopping you from creating any dashboard tabs. If you know which report this could be, it might just be a matter of opening or removing that report.

Please let me know your for findings.


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