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Part of filters values pop-up window unusable

We are using YellowFin 7.1 build 20140923 and facing issues with filter values window. While we are creating or edit report,
filter window moves to top of the screen (i.e. inactive/out-of focus area) and becomes un-usable (can't move filter values window or close by clicking on 'x')
attached screen shot.
steps to re-produce:
1. Create/edit report.
2. Select any filter object and select settings
3. Click on filter values icon (funnel icon).
4. Move "Filter Values" window to out-of-focus/ grey area on top.

so, when ever filter pop-up window moved to inactive/out-of-focus area, part of filter window become inactive and causing trouble. Sometimes search part of filter values window moves to inactive part of application and users can't search for values.

Please fix this.

Hi Koteswara,

Thank you for pointing this out and including
the screenshots.

I've replicated this in the latest version of YF. I've
raised and support task for this to be addressed in the
future (#186732). However, I'm unable to provide any
ETA on this task.

The work around in the interim would be to not drag
the filter value pop-up window into any of the grayed out
section. Also, if you mistakenly do drag it into this section
then you can hit the cancel button to close the window.

Forum image

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle, thanks for opening task.

I like to let you know that, some times greyed out section covers search box as well and makes report unusable. This happens when users has small screen and access Yellowfin through other application.

Hi Koteswara,

Thank you for providing the additional input,
I will add these notes to the task that I created


Hi Kyle,
Any updates?
Hello Mancy,

I just sent a note off to the Dev team in hopes that they can provide us with an ETA. Once I hear back I will
update this post immediately.

Thank you,


Hi Mancy,

Still no word on that defect. Unfortunately it hasn't been allocated or planned as of yet. The Dev team are focused on the final preparations for the release of 7.2, expected in February. This is consuming the majority of their time.

Once I hear any news, I'll be sure to pass it on.

Thank you,