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When running a straight select query on a view that returns 73,000 rows, Yellowfin runs for ever. Have to kill the report after about 30 minutes. At times it just returns a blank screen.
If I copy the sql it uses and run it outside of Yellowfin it returns all rows in 9 seconds.

When I changed the underlying view to retrieve just the first 1000 records, it returns the data instantly. Why does it have an issue processing large number of rows? Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be adjusted?
Sorry, I forgot to login before posting.
Hi Yaniv

Sorry to hear about the poor performance while running reports.

I have a few questions to further investigate the report issue.

-What version and build of Yellowfin software are you using?

-Are you running the database from a server or directly from the computer?

-What browser are you using?

-Has this particular report always been slow or has it gotten slower as the amount of data has increased.

Thank you
Hi Mark,

Application Version: 7.0
Build: 20140326

The database server is Oracle which runs on a separate server.

- Chrome Version 38.0.2125.104 m
- IE9 and IE11

This is a new report. When I copy the sql from yellowfin and run it on my PC (using Benthic Golden tool) it returns all 71,000 rows in 9 seconds.
Hi Yaniv

I spoke with development on this issue and was told this was an issue that is now fixed in version 7.1.
You should see an improvement in performance if you have the ability to update.

Let me know if the update is not possible. Does not sound like the latest build of 7.0 in September was a fix but it would be good to update from the March build.

Thank you

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