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Performance Tuning of reports


We need some suggestions on how to setup the report tuning parameters to improve report performance. I understand that YF offers some View/Report caching. But, so far we have not explored this as the parameter Default Cache Period is set to 0 at the view level.

Our server is a 8 CPU * 64 GB. Hence, I would appreciate if you could let's know the appropriate parameters we can set as I am not sure where to start.

Best Regards,

Any update on this? If you have any reference document/link where we can start exploring this, that would be really helpful

Hi Guruprasad,

Sounds like you have a beefy PC ;).

In order to start looking into caching, you should really have a good understanding of the different types of caching. There is no real way to say "if you have this hardware, then you can configure YF like this...etc..".
It takes a lot of understanding of where the bottleneck is, so you can work out if there is an easy way to sort this. So many variables, and different areas where this can occur.

I would start by ;

1. Understanding where things are slow, and why.

2. Then look at the number of ways you can cache/configure YF to help with this.

-View Caching into the in-memory DB

-View caching options

-Caching reports by category

-Increase memory allocated to Java, DB connections

The above links should give you a good starting point.
Once you have a good understanding on 1 & 2 , please let us know how you go, and if you need some assistance with this.

The following post may also provide some extra information, General Questions on Performance.

Please let us know how it all goes.


Hi David,

Thanks for this information. This will definitely help us to good start :)

Also, can you please let me know if the cache occupies memory within the java heap size or is it outside the heapsize. This will help us to allocate the correct heapsize.

Many thanks.

Hi Guru,

No problems.

The only caching in the above list that would use Java memory would be the 'View Caching options'.

View Caching into the in-memory DB
-This is stored in the in-memory DB

Caching reports by category
-This is stored in the Yellowfin DB.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this.


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