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Personal dashboards

I have users that are set up with the role of Report Writer and permission for Personal Dashboards (not public dashboards) but they get an error message saying that dont have sufficient access priviledges when they attempt to create their own personal dashboard tab. Is this a known issue or something specific to our installation?
Hi Peter,

I have use the Writer role , and ensured that only 'personal dashboards' is ticked.
When I create a dashboard, I can add reports and save without any issues.

How exactly have you setup your role settings ?
I'm using 7.0 - July release, and here is a screenshot of my dashboards settings below:

Forum image

Does the message pop up when they save the dashboard, or just start creating?
Also, is it only occurring when saving the dashboard in a particular category, or including certain reports?

Anything that can help us understand why you're receiving this message.

Please let us know your findings.


Hi David,

thanks for having a look at this for me.

The error message is displayed when the user first tries to create the personal dashboard. The exact error is:
You do not have sufficient access rights to view this dashboard tab.

Role security looks the same as yours:
Hi Peter,

Not sure what could be causing this.

Can you please show us all your role settings for the role that user is using.
Also, your content category security settings.

If this all fails, maybe we can log into your system with our browser, and run some tests from our office?

Of course, if we can do this, just send your connection details to and reference this post.


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