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Plotting Values split by anotehr column

Hi All,

I have a date set for sales and targets, essentially with 4 columns, date, channel, sales, target.

I have tried every combination of charts, but cannot get what I am after.

I want to plot a series for each channel's sales and targets.

There is three channels, so I would expect 6 series on the chart.

My first thought was a charts with bars for the targets and line for the actuals. But if I polt either sales or target, there is no way to tell YF to split by channel I just get overall sales and target.

My next thought was a trellis, where I could have a row for each channel, date along the horizontal and sale and targets for each channel in the rows, but sadly this is unachievable as well.

It seems the only option I can work is to create six measure cloumns using six case statements to create Channel1Sales, Channel2Target, etc

But surely there is a better way, this means I would have to go and redo the case statements if the channels change, its not really data driven any more.

Thanks, Clinton
Hi Clinton,

unless I have misunderstood you I think that the Auto Chart feature will create a chart that meets your requirements. For example, using our Ski Team demo database I have created a similar report (hopefully) as yours:

Forum image

in which the columns Sum Invoice Estimate & Sum Invoiced Amount are analagous to your Target & Sales columns, and Media Category is representing your Chanel column. As you can see, YF has split the values per Media Category rather than presenting the overall figures.

Please have a look at this and let us know if it fits the bill.


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