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Possible Filter Bug

We are using version 6.3 and experiencing the following issue with filters:

I have a series of filters I setup using a custom SQL query, with some of them dependent on others. Sometimes, everything works as expected, but there are many instances where I notice that my filters are not being populated (either via a schedule or via a manual refresh). When I go back to edit a report and look at the filters, some of them have the wrong custom SQL, which explains why they are not working the way they should be.

I don't think this is an issue with how I am setting them up because I have been able to get the dependencies working correctly. It appears that somehow the SQL for the filters on a report gets messed up and sometimes the SQL gets set to the last custom SQL query that I entered for a filter on that report, even as I'm designing the report.

Has this been noted or experienced as an issue before?

Hi Steve,

Can we ask what build of YF 6.3 you are using?

Kind Regards,

Danny - we are using 20130805
Hi Steve,

It does sound like a very strange problem.
I have seen custom queries wipe out with imports/copies when using older releases of YF, and sometimes also browser specific.

However I believe all of these issues were resolved in patches.
Are you able to run the latest 6.3 patch and then let me know if you still see this strangeness?

If so, maybe we could get access to your instance of YF via our browser so we can try to replicate this first hand and run some troubleshooting?

Please let us know how it all goes.


Thanks David. I will have the latest 6.3 patch applied and let you know how it goes.


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