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Pre-Populate Table Join

Hi Team,

Its regarding to pre-populate the table joins automatically.

When we create a report, if the two tables mentioned in a SQL query having relationship, that join should populate automatically.

Hence please suggest, is there any option available in Yellowfin to do this automatically. Since we are having more than 1000 reports, it will be great if we have this kind of implementation. No need to done this manually.

Note: In our database, we don't have the Foreign key relationship with tables. We will provide the relationship among tables. Please consider this too.


Hi Chandra,

that's a good idea! so I have created an enhancement request for this, Support Task 186419. Unfortunately at the moment I am not able to give an ETA on this.

Thanks for the idea.

Hi David,

Could you please update the status on this request.

Hi Chandra,

Just stepping in for Dave since he is out of the office today.

I checked the status of Task ID #186419 and it hasn't made it to our development team for review yet. Unfortunately, I am unable to give you an ETA on when this particular enhancement will be considered, but I have gone ahead and made an annotation in the task noting your continued interest.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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