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Problem sharing a report

Hi there,

I have a report which i want to share with someone.

I needs to be shared in a way so that if someone makes some changes to the report, those changes need to be visisble by another user with the same report in a seperate folder. How do i achieve this?

I've tried to use the distribution option on the report athough i don't know if this is the option i need. If so, it says that i cannot share the report because the user, which i want to share the report with, has insuffici�nt rights and therefore cannot receive the report.

How can i achieve this? So far i've copied the report to the user's folder, but that's just a short term solution.

Thank you in advance.
Hey there,

It sounds like you are talking about a few different functions within YF.

The following link deals with setting up roles within YF -


This second link touches on the editing of reports that might be useful to your situation.


The following two links should help you with the question of distributing and or broadcasting the report.



After reviewing this information please let us know if you require additional assistance.

Thank you,


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