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Problems with using WEEK() function


I'm trying to use a freehand SQL field with the WEEK() function: WEEK(datefield,3)

I've used this before with success on certain other table fields but in this case when I try to save/activate the field in the view builder it keeps loading and at one point gives a timeout.

Hi Jaap,

Can you please provide;

-Database you're reporting against
-Version of Yellowfin (including build version from 'system information')
-Raw data and expected result when querying the DB directly (outside of YF)
-How you're applying this query in YF (showing view builder etc..)
-log files under Yellowfinappserverlogs and let me know roughly what time you're trying to save the field.

Also , do you get the same problem if using a virtual table, or a freehand sql calc field at the report level?

Please let me know your findings.


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