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Query to get user information in different Client Org

HI Team ,
Could you please let us know the query to get the list of client Orgs does the user have access to or which user has access to which all client orgs from the Yellowfin metadata.

Thanks in Advance


hopefully the following query will give you what you're after:

SELECT smr.IpEmployee, p.FullName, smr.RoleCode, ic.EmailAddress, ir.IpParent, o.OrgName
FROM staffmemberrole smr INNER JOIN person p ON smr.ipemployee = p.ipperson
INNER JOIN IpRltshp ir on smr.IpEmployee = ir.IpChild
INNER JOIN Organisation o on ir.IpParent = o.IpOrg
INNER JOIN IpContact ic on smr.IpEmployee = ic.IpID

if not please let us know exactly which fields are required.