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Question on client org logo image


I am setting up multi org environment my question is that how to specify client org logo in system settings example says eg: http://localhost/myimage?ref=## where ## will be replaced by client reference id. In my case I have client reference id as a string like 'tom' what should be the image name and where should I have to put the image. Also I have company logo image uploaded but still I am seeing YF logo in the header not sure why ??
YF logo URL is this http://server/images/header_logo.gif

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello Muthu,

I'd suggest you take a look at our Wiki information on customising the look and feel of Yellowfin:

Restyling Yellowfin

If you have further questions not answered through the Wiki, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny,

I did follow the Wiki and used the simple method by copying the mentioned files in customimages directory. This page information on changing headers for different client orgs. Still no luck.



Hi Danny,

Simple method works but still I am not able to change client org logo though.


Hi Muthu,

Can you try changing the settings through the Administration > Configuration > Integration screen, as per below ;

Forum image

If you add the URL of the location of your image, this should add your logo to the header of each page.

Let me know if this works for you.

Kind Regards