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Re-sort columns on dashboard

How can I enable that users may sort columns of table reports on dashboard?

Thanks for posting your question on our forum.

Is it possible to provide us with the current
version and build of YF you are using? E.g, 7.1, 20140923.

If you are unsure of which version you are using you
can find this under Admin/System information.

Can you also send a screenshot through
of your dashboard with the report tables?

Thank you,


System Info:

Current Schema Version: 20130704
Original Code Version: 20140827
Current Code Version: 20140923
Import Version: 4.32
Current Session Count: 2
Current Session Timeout: 1800 seconds
Application Server Boot Time: Mon Nov 03 13:36:31 BRST 2014
Current Server Time: Fri Nov 14 08:51:47 BRST 2014 (America/Sao_Paulo -0200)
Request Listener: Initialised
Request Count: 1
Configuration Database: MySQL 5.6.17-log
Encryption Functions: Ok
BIRT Report Engine: Not available
Task Schedule Enabled: true
System Task Manager Enabled: true
Application Version: 7.1
java.version: 1.6.0_45 Linux
os.arch: amd64
os.version: 2.6.32-431.5.1.el6.x86_64

My screenshots:

1: How the tables are displayed on dashboards.

Forum image

2: We need the above feature. That only is enabled when the report is maximized.

Forum image

PS: As you can see the first image, when the table is on dashboard the caret on column header is not showed.

Thank you very much for clarifying your issue and
for providing the screenshots.

The good news is that this issue had been raised
in the past and an enhancement task had been

The bad news is that this task has yet to be
implemented. I will update the task with your
notes as well.

Thank you!