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Report as Datasource

In Yellowfin 7.2 new functionality has introduced (Report as a Datasource) but did not find any documentation related to it,

Just wondering if someone can explain how it works and how it can be done.

Hi Abhijeet,

Thanks for posting this question. I've asked around, and it sounds like we should have some more formal documentation coming out for this shortly. I'll give you the quick version though.

The first step is to generate your report as normal, but when you go to save it, go to the Report Settings tab and enable the Use as View switch.

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After completing the above step, all that you should have to do is go to the Admin Console, enter in the Views subsection, and click into the name of the view that the parent report came from. For example, if I created a report with the Ski Team database and wanted to use that report as a data source, it would appear under the Ski Team view in the Admin Console.

Once you open the parent view, you should be able to access the report that you just saved and edit it like any other view. After setting things up the way you like, you can start creating reports based off of the data from the original report just as you would from any other data source.

I know that this is a bit of a 'quick' version of the instructions, but hopefully it's enough to get you going on creating reports from reports. Please let us know if you have any further questions!


Thanks Conner,

That's answers my question.