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Report Batch Administration


We have a set of 300 reports currently deployed to various clients.

In our case, clients access their reports via Yellowfin embedded in an IFrame, typically via the 'Browse' button.

Sometimes we get change requests that affect all reports, or all reports under a certain Content Category.

For example, a client has recently decided he wants to see Report Filters on top of all his reports.

My question is, is there any way to affect this for all reports, maybe via a script or something? Or do one have to go edit each report and set this up manually?

Hi David,

sorry you had to "bump" us to get a response!

You could try the following query:

UPDATE ReportFormat SET FormatCode = 'TOP' where FormatTypeCode = 'PROMPTFILTERDISPLAY' AND ReportID =

Although having said that let me say this...we actually do not officially support backend modifications to the Yellowfin database as I'm sure you can well imagine the problems some clients have created in the past when attempting such a thing (and I'm talking corrupted databases here). So please keep that in mind if you decide to go ahead with the above query.

Another thing to note is that I actually haven't had time to thoroughly test the above query, so most definitely test it yourself first in your dev environment. And to save possibly corrupting your dev environment, please don't forget to back up the Yellowfin database before you start with the backend modifications.

Good luck!