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Report building proposals


1.It will be a great help if we have Broadcast/Subscriptiont facility at the browse page for all the reports so that we do not have to open the report and then set broadcast as its a time consuming process.

2.We can have Copy formatting option in the report which can be applied to other reports as well.

3.Can increase "Advance Search" criteria for reports by using below option:

1) Modified ON or After
2) Modified ON or Before
3) Favorites

Best Regards,
Hi Dhrati,

thanks for the suggestions, an enhancement request has been raised for the Broadcast facility on the Browse page (Support Task 183616). An enhancement request has been raised for the Copy Report Formatting concept (Support Task 183614) and just in case you weren't aware, please be aware that at the moment you can at least set a default report format per client org. Thanks for the Advanced Search idea, we will keep it in mind for a future date.

Hi Dave,

Could you please provide an ETA for this?

Hi Dhrati,

I'm sorry but unfortunately I am not able to provide an ETA for either enhancement request. If these are considered to be a high priority for Zyme then it might be worth your while to discuss them with your account manager.

Hi Dhrati,

I have some news on this task, and unfortunately it's not the news you want to hear.

We don't believe this is a feasible request for the YF browse page, as the cons outweigh the pros.

I can understand opening the report to broadcast is an extra step and can slow down the process, though we believe that in order to broadcast a report you really need to open and be familiar with the report you are going to send out.
It's especially important when you have any type of filter enabled as well.

Sorry for the bad news and apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.


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