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Report Calc Field with a SQL Freehand from View

I am working on a report that has a Free SQL field that is created at the view level for the report.

Then in the report I want to use that field that was created at the view level to be used in a calculated field for the report in a case when statement.

The problem is that the field that was created at the view level is not available at the report.

Any ideas or is not possible?
Or is there a better way to handle this?
Hello Tim,

Thank you for submitting your question in the forum.

It is not possible to use a Freehand SQL field created at
the view in a Calculated Field.

Please see the following two Forum post.


SQL #2

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Thank you,


Hi Tim,

I'm just wondering if when you said "Free SQL field" you perhaps meant a Freehand SQL Calculated Field rather than a field created from a Freehand SQL View? Not that it makes any difference - it also is not available in a report-level calculcated field, however, you might try using a Virtual Table or even a Custom Formula.

Okay I have it figured out now, when I was doing the freehand sql in the report section it wouldn't work. But it is now after getting it working on the view side.
So probably missed typed something but at least it is working now.

Thanks for your assistance.


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