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Report content security

I would like to get your view on such content security possibilities and maybe you can guide if still it is possible somehow to implement:

1) How to disable copy/paste of the table functionality for specific users? As an example you can look at

2) How to disable view of table showing only chart for specifict users? Sometimes table is needed only for more advanced users or also table could contain more information. This would be very useful in case of scatter reports when there are many observations.

Currently i know only Table On/Off functionality in the report menu, but i need some dynamics, i.e. to have the ability to set this option for particular users.

Hi Raimondas,

I'm not sure what you mean by question 1, and I followed that link but it redirected me to the logon screen:

Forum image

However, regarding question 2, whilst there is not a specific Role Permission for hiding tables, a workaround would be as follows:

1) copy the view (so that you have view-1 and view-2)
2) set view_2 to be Restricted for certain users or groups of users (view-1 is unrestricted).
3) create a co-display report with chart-only from view-1
4) create a report with table-only form view-2 and add it to the co-display mentioned in step 3)
5) users/groups with no restrictions will see both reports, whereas restricted users/groups will only see the report with the chart.

Hi David,

1) In the link i have provided to you there is a possibility to get a list of stocks, however there is no possibility to copy that table and paste e.g. into excel as this option is simply disabled. Just to see how it works you have to register first and then push the button "Get Stocks".

2) Regarding your workaround that is fine, but there are several drawbacks. a) you have to create 2 same reports b) they will execute 2 times the same SQL for those users who have the right to see table and chart and this sounds not an efficient solution. Would it be possible to consider this feature in some of YF version?

Hi Raimondas,

1)Thanks for the extra info.
An enhancement request has been raised (TASK ID = 180582)

2)We can understand how you are essentially doubling the work load to get around this.
However, the reason for this is due to Yellowfin architecture, the chart & report are essentially the same in the backend. Since the chart is just a visualization based off the underlying SQL/objects.
Because they're the same, there is no way to currently separate these items based on security.
Generally, if a client can access the chart, they can see the data, so hiding the table does not really stop them from seeing anything.
Though if the table does return a lot of results, then maybe creating a 'chart only' report is your best option, and then a separate 'detailed' report for the advanced users.

Hope this helps explain why this is not currently possible with YF architecture, and there are no plans to change this in the near future.

Sorry for the bad news.



Is there any progress on TASK ID = 180582?

Hi Raimondas,

I guess I'm not your favourite person today :(.
Unfortunately the feature you're after is not currently planned so I cannot provide an ETA on this.

It will need to be re-visited in the future to find out if something like this is possible/feasible for us to do within YF.

Sorry for the bad news. If I hear anything on this, I will let you know.