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Report display in mvc view page


I have an mvc application and i am totally new to yellowfin. I want to show the reports in my view page using web service call. I need the complete details of how to view the report result in html page as well as in which function i will get my report details?


Welcome to Yellowfin.

You will find more information about our web services options in the Yellowfin wiki:

Yellowfin Wiki Web Services

Report services will be described in a corresponding Yellowfin wiki web services entry:

Report Service

You can also find java examples in the Yellowfin directory (Yellowfin/development/examples). We provide java examples and our customers use that as a guide to develop in the language they prefer.

If you are only displaying reports, you will need to make sure your license has multicast enabled.

I've also included other forum entries related to this topic below:

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