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Report distriburtion securty

When saving a report with the "report access" set to public i get a group of options to restrict the distribution of the report by "channel".

However when i choose "private" i can choose whom may use the report but have no change to restrict further distribution. As far as i could test i always become an option to mail the report (when distributed and received in my inbox) towards other known recipients.

a) is it possible to disable this email-options at those private reports
b) is it possible to have e.g. the same set of distribution options by private reports as they ar defined by public reports or is there already any kind of functionality that restricts the further distribution of those private reports?
Hi Peter,

That is correct, once you give a user access to a private report, they can essentially copy the report, or distribute it themselves.

I can see how you would want to limit this, so have raised an enhancement request (TASK ID =171001) that covers both points above.

Unfortunately there is no way to currently get around this.

I guess, you could consider emailing the report to a user, so they only have access in their email, and cannot actually access the report.


Hi Peter,

no it is not currently possible for Private reports to have the same Distribution Security options that are available for Public reports, so I have raised an enhancement request so that it will be implemented in the future, the Support Task ID is 171000.


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