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Report localisation by client ID

Hello, with client organisations set up is possible to substitute the language, currency, symbols and separators in a report by client ID (clients are from different countries)

The data and lookup values described above for different clients are stored in the same database, but identifiable by client ID


Hello Angus,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Settings for language, symbols and separators can be set up on a Client Org level through the Configuration > Region settings within YF. These settings are saved per client org, so each client will have different settings.

There is also a Forum Post outlining use of multiple currencies within a report.

In terms of translating reports by client org.
Yellowfin does support multi-language deployment, info on this can be found on our wiki here: Content Translation.
This means, when a user logs in, the report is displayed in the language set in their user profile (not necessary client org based) .
Keep in mind this only translates report names/columns etc.. it does NOT translate data, that all comes from the DB.

Please let me know if I can provide more information or clarification.

Kind Regards,