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Report pointing to multiple databases

I have a report that has been designed using Datasource A. I want to clone the same report and point to Datasource B. Can I achieve this without having to redesign the whole report again?
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Thank you for the question! To answer your question directly, the short answer is no. You can't copy a report and point it to a new data source because reports are derived from the view they are created from. When you copy a report, it makes a copy of that report while maintaining it's connection to the view.

Can I ask what exactly you would like to accomplish by doing this?

In a hypothetical universe, provided the view created from data source A is the same as the view created from data source B, you could export a report created from the view connected to data source A and import it against the view connected to data source B. This is a bit different from copying however.

I've gone ahead and provided a link to our wiki that outlines Yellowfin content dependencies as well as providing Export/Import steps in case you are interested

Export & Import Repository

Hopefully some of this information helps. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

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