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We are a newer, inexperienced customer, using YF7.1. working to set up a standardized deployment mechanism for moving reports (and other objects) from one environment (DEV) to another (TEST). I searched this forum, there is another recent post, which covers approximately the same. That post references
'Administration Guide - Connections, Views & User Management'
(pg. 171) Chapter 13 Export & Import Report Repository

1) Honestly, not able to find this doc for download from your web site. Can you point me to the url?
2) We are in fact trying to use the export and import functionality. What we have seen thus far is that the process of import is not as clean as we would like. Ideally, we would want a "-Silent" type option in that we would want all objects being imported to overwrite the pre-existing same uuid objects in the target database. From what we have seen, it asks us every object if we want it to overwrite or create new. This is pretty painful if we are trying to migrate many reports, it takes a long time to keep answering the same question the same way to overwrite.
Ideally there would be an option set before actually doing the import that would identify "Yes, we want to overwrite items every time". Perhaps documentation has the info I seek and you can point me to it?
3) Does this product integrate with a source code control product? Or is the best scenario exporting, saving the xml file in source control, and checking out and importing, changing, and then exporting and checking back in the best scenario. Any pointer to best practices on how to accomplish this would be wonderful.

Thank you for posting your questions on the forum.

The Administration Guide is referring to our company Wiki. I've
included the link below.

Export & Import

I've also included the link to the forum post that covers Migrating Yellowfin.


Lastly, this link is also from our forum and should address your last two questions.


I hope this all helps but if not, please let us know.

Thank you,