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Report’s default tab

Hi Yellowfin team,

When I am choosing to break my report into tabs, I would like to select a default tab. Today when a report is opened, the first tab is opened (probably ascending order) but I would like the last tab opened.

For example:

I have tabs "2012", "2013" and "2014". Today "2012" is opened but I need "2014" opened.

Best Regards,

Anderson Hansen

Thanks for sending your question through to support.

I'm not sure I completely understand your request. Are
these default tabs that you have created off the Report Builder?


Is it possible to send a couple screen shots through of the report you are talking
about?? If they contain sensitive information then you can send them to -
and reference this post.

Additionally, what version and build of YF are you currently using?? E.g, 7.1, August build.



Hi Kyle

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

We use Yellowfin 7.0 (Current Schema Version: 20130704, Original Code Version: 20140627, Current Code Version: 20140730)

The "Tabs" are the section display styles (selected "Tabbed") when I am formatting my report.

Section Style

Attached a imagem (The Image upload failed).

Please see when I open my report, the "2012" tab is opened, but I would like always the last tab opened (2014)(to all reports)


Anderson Hansen

Thank you for sending along the additional information that we requested.

Please see the attachment.

In the Section Formatting screen, under Sort, you should be able to click 'descending' and
this will bring up the 2014 tab first. I have recreated this on our end and it appears to be what
you are after.

Please let me know if this solves the problem.



Hi Kyle

I've seen the selection "Sort" and I know we can define there the sort direction. But when I selected "Tabbed" in "Section Style", section "Sort" disappeared.

Please see:

"Image 1.jpg" Section Style = "Single Page" the section appears.
"Image 2.jpg" Section Style = "Tabbed" the section disappears.

But what is most surprising, if to click 'descending' first and after change section style to "Tabbed", everything is all right (the selection "Sort" disappears, but it works)



Got it. I believe this is how it's meant to work. One would need
to define the sort direction prior to clicking on 'Tab' -
The logic being that if the report is in 'Tab' form it's simple to click on
which ever section you would like to see.

If you wanted to change the sort direction at some point you
would need to unclick 'Tab' and then make the 'sort' change.

Of course you've figured that out already!

Let me know if you anything else.


Ok Kyle no problem, I will work in this way. Thank you very much.

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