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Reports Hanging

Greetings Team!

Have not had to post in awhile, but it seems I've hit a new snag:

Reports that are created from Yellowfin views, in which Yellowfin Views access views in the source database, do not work. They hang indefinitely at either the report output or the preview during construction.

I know that I can query the view in my database directly using a freehand SQL report and it works just fine. The Yellowfin View itself also works just fine and pulls data as it is intended. It is only the creation of reports on that view that does not work.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some problems with the report loading correctly.

Some things to take into consideration when identifying performance issues;
-Are there many users logged into Yellowfin at this point in time
-Is it the chart itself that is taking a while to generate
-Is this a cross-tab report
-Do you have analytic functions applied to the report

Also, which version & build of Yellowfin are you using?

Did this just recently start happening after a modification to a view?

Is there something special in this report?

Can you get the log files from the info_threads.jsp page when running the report and send this across.
You can get this page by adding this to your Yellowfin URL, e.g.

Once we have all this information we should have a better understanding of what is happening. You can email all information to and reference this post.



Thank you for your help, Kyle!

To answer some of your questions, and help clarify the issue, I've included some screenshots.

First, this issue originally occurred during a YF 7 install that was 3 months out of date. Just to make sure the issue was not fixed, I updated to the latest YF 7.1 yesterday. The issue persists.

This is a standard report, not a crosstab.

Also, there are no other users logged in.

This is my database view, it takes just over 1 second to aggregate:

Forum image

This is the view in YF 7.1 that also takes about the same time to come through. It was built using the drag-n-drop editor:

Forum image

The report based on that view built using the drag-n-drop editor hangs any time the data is refreshed (either through a preview, or an attempt to view the output):

Forum image

If I build a report using freehand SQL, that targets my database view, it will work just fine.

Thanks for the additional information! Sounds like it's just happening on this one report?

Has it ever given you a time out message/error?

Is it possible for you to send through your YF logs? This may help us find out where the report is hanging.
If you can zip them up and send them to and reference this post that would help.

Lastly, the following link might be worth looking over.



Hi Justin,

Thanks for all the information you have so far provided.
Can I please ask for 1 extra bit of info to be sent with the Yellowfin logs.

When the report is trying to run, can you please get the results from the info_thread.jsp page every 10 secs for about 1 min.

To access this page, just append it to your Yellowfin URL.

This page actually shows what is running at that very point in time, so we can easily see what YF is trying to do.

Sorry for the issue you have faced with this report.


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