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Restrict Database List on DataSource creation page

Hi Team,

When creating a new data source on Yellowfin, its having lot of Database types. But I want to display the required database list only in the dropdown. Since more database type will give some confusion to the end customer.

For example,I like to display Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DB type in the Database dropdown. How can I do this?

Please suggest.
Hi Chandra

There is no way to totally remove the list of Databases you do not need but you can manually delete the driver files from the lib folder which will grey out the databases you do not want to use in the drop down menu
So now user will only have access to choose the DB's that are available.

Hi Team,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We tried with the proposed approach and its worked. We removed nearly 15 unused DB drivers and that options are grey out from the Yellowfin UI.

Our requirement is, we are supporting only Oracle and MsSQL DB server. Hence planning to disable other DB options.

But, still we are struggling to find out the below database jar files:

1) Amazon RDS
2) Apache Hive
3) Google Big Query
5) Lotus Notes
6) Microsoft Access
7) Microsoft FoxPro
8) Sybase ASE

If possible, we can remove these two also:
a) Generic JDBC Data Source
b) Generic ODBC Data Source

Please help us on to find the DB driver jar for these database lists.

Thank You...!


Hi Chandra

Excellent to here you were able to grey out the DB's you did not need!

I just want to confirm you are still unable to grey out the choices above?

Thank you
Hi Mark,

Yes, still I am not able to grey out the above choices. I am not able to find the exact jar file for the above mentioned DB's.

Please help me on this.

Hi Chandra

I spoke with one of our Dev gurus.
Here is the lowdown

"Some of those databases don't have separate jar files in the lib directory because they are drivers that we have created to abstract the connections to different databases. The code for these drivers are included in the Yellowfin core jar files, which can't be removed. Additionally, ODBC sources use a driver that's built into the JVM, so that can't be removed either."

He gave me a complete rundown of your list and here it is.

Amazon RDS - will be disabled if MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL are all disabled.
Apache Hive - internal driver
Apache Hive 2 - internal driver
Google Big Query - internal driver
Lotus Notes - ODBC
Microsoft Access - ODBC
Microsoft FoxPro - ODBC
Sybase ASE - uses the same driver as MS SQL Server (JTDS)
Generic JDBC - always available, can't be removed
Generic ODBC - ODBC

A new build not too far down the road may have an ability to actually turn unused databases off.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for your support and to your development team. The provided detailed information is help us.

In future, if any implementation is done on this requirement, please intimate us.
Thank you once again...!

Hi Chandra

Yes I will definitely let you know when that enhancement is completed.

Enjoy the week!