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Restyling Dashboard’s Filters


I assigned a few filters to a dashboard report (via the Analytic Setup ) and set up the filters as a list display .

My question is if it's possible to change the width of the filter box on the dashboard ? or even change the fonts/background colors ?

I have some values in the filter list box that are not shown fully.

if there is a CSS file that i can edit to change that. please let me know.

I would appreciate any help in the matter


Disregard the question about the font/background changes - found it in the Content settings.

my main issue is the Filter list box Width.



Thank you for posting your question / issue on the forum.

Can I ask which version and build of YF you are using? E.g. 7.1, Dec?

Additionally, can you provided a screenshot of your Filter List box
showing your filters either not wrapping or going outside of the box?

That would be great.

Thank you.



I am using the latest build of yellowfin (7.1 20141223)

Attached are the screenshots of me applying filter in a report and in a dashboard tab (the data is for demo testing).

You can see that the values are not shown on full length.

Hi Shaul,

Thank you for updating us with your version and
build and for providing those screenshots.

I'm curious to know if you roll over your filters with
your mouse do they highlight or display the filter in
it's entirety?

Forum image

Please let us know and thank you.



If I roll over the Filter values with my mouse (highlight) i see the full length of the filter value.

Hi Shaul,

Thank you for confirming that and unfortunately,
that's how it works. Some customers filters are
so long that this is really the only practical way
to show the filter in its entirety.

Thank you for understanding.