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Reverse axis values on scatter chart

Hi support,

Is it possible to reverse an axis on a scatter chart (or on other charts for that matter)?

For example I have attached an image of my scatter chart with y-axis values from 1 to 200

Forum image

I would prefer to see this as 200 to 1, i.e. with 1 at the top of the axis rather than the bottom.

Is this possible?

Hello Tim,

Thank you for sending in your question to the forum and
for including a screenshot.

Unfortunately, reversing the sort on the Vertical Axis within
a Scatter Chart in not currently possible within YF. I have created
a enhancement request for this to be considered in a future build
of YF. Task ID #185660.

The only way I could do this was by using a bar chart and having
a dimension in the Vertical Axis. This allowed the option to Sort
the direction, thus flipping it on the Axis.

Forum image

Thank you,