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RLS Configuration

Hi Team,

Please clarify the below:

1) For SourceFilter setup, I have configured the below SQL query..
SELECT 'UserId', userid, 'FilterType', securitycode from dbo.getSecurityCode({UserId}).

How to use the Yellowfin logged in user id in the DB function?

Please clarify it as soon as possible.

Hi Chandrakumar,

Thanks for sending in the query. I think you are running into issues because your column names are not adhering to the strict naming convention required to run a scheduled SQL query. Each of the column names should be:

Identifier Type
Reference Type
Reference Id

For example:

Forum image

This is outlined in the below forum article:

Creating a Source Filter using Schedule SQL Query

Also, here is some information on our wiki pertaining to this subject:

Access Filters

Can you review this information and let us know if it helps solve your problem? Either way I look forward to hearing back. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,


Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the response.

In my case, in order to get the filter value (i.e: to get identifier), I need to pass the current Yellowfin login UserId to the stored procedure to get the filter value.

So how can I pass the Yellowfin login user name when giving SQL query for Access filters.

Hi Chandrakumar,

Apologies if I misunderstood your original question. Have you had a chance to review the below forum post:

Passing a User ID to a Stored Procedure

The post outlines the process that can be used to set up a Source Filter that will pass the current user's User ID as one of the parameters to the procedure.

Is this what you are after?

Kind Regards,