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Role set up for yellowfin user


I am trying to set up a Role for a user that will be able only to Create/update/delete Users and users groups.

I want the user to see in the Admin console only the users and user groups panels.

I set up the role with the user management & user groups option marked (all other are disabled) but I still see in the admin console 3 more panels : Field categories, View categories & Org reference codes.

Is there an option or way to remove them from admin console so the user can't see them ?


Hello Shaul,

Thank you for posting your issue / question on the forum.

Unfortunately it's not possible to create a role setting that
would entail removing the Field Category, View Category, and
Org Reference Codes from the Admin Console page.

I have created an enhancement request (#182635) for this
to be considered in a future build of YF. However, I am
unable to give you any confirmation as to whether or not
this will be implemented.

Sorry for the bad news.