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Scatter chart: how to change colors and add a total line

I'm working on a scatter chart.

I have 2 questions:
1) is it possible to draw a line with the Total amount?
2) how could I change the colors in my graph? the field I'm using in the Color Box doesn't have any menu, and I'm not able to create Series

Forum image

Hello Francesca,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum
and for including the screenshot.

Presently it is not possible to draw a line with a total amount in
the Scatter Chart. Although it's possible that I may not completely
understand what you are trying to do. The Total amount would need
to be a calculated field that you have created.

In terms of changing the colors in your specific example, I believe it
would be possible by setting up Org Ref Codes for that particular
field (Color Type). Please see the Wiki link below for details on
setting this up.

Org Ref Codes

Please let me know how this goes and if you have
additional questions.


HI Kyle ,
thanks for your reply.

I'd love to have the total in the chart because for us it's interesting to see also the total customer distribution over time, together with the Cover Type distribution (actually shown in the graph).
I already have the total in the table, it's the subtotal per each month, so I would not need to create a new field:

Forum image

Any idea on how I can draw a new line? how should I build the new Total calculated field?

I'll have a look at the Org Ref codes, thanks for the suggestion.

Hello Francesca,

Apologizes for the delay in getting back to you.

Unfortunately we weren't able to provide exactly what you
were looking for, but close. It's just not possible to put a Line
chart over a Scatter chart.

We created a subquery to get the year total -

Forum image

Then we created a second chart to get the Line total, and then
we combined the charts on the canvas.

Forum image

I hope this helps.


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