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Scroll Bar missed in DashBoard

in my dashboard I have 2 reports, both have Drill-down:
1) one report [State Drill Down] works fine, the scroll bars are visualized, I can move through pages, and when I navigate the hierarchy I have the "Show Drill Down" functionality to go back in the navigation.

2) The other report [Product not linked to state of residence - Last Month] doesn't have horizontal and vertical scroll bars, and the results are cut, as the last row in the picture (value after "campbell")

Forum image

Any idea on which option should I activate to enable the right Drill Down navigation also in the 2nd report?

Hi Francesca,

Thanks for the detailed info on the issue you are experiencing.
You should not need to turn on any setting for the scollbar to appear, it should just be visible if the results cannot fit in the box.

I'm wondering if this issue is only visible when the dashboard is in draft mode?
If you activate the dashboard doe sit appear ok?
Is it the same issue across multiple browsers?

Sorry for inconvenience and confusion this has caused.