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Search within a Cached filter


In our report solution with Yellowfin we are using a lot of cached filters. However when the list of cached filters is long it's very difficult to find the value you need. Is there a possibility to search within a cached filter?

Hi Salvatore,

So that we may properly handle your enhancement request is it possible for
you to provide a screenshot of exactly what you are experiencing?

Can you also let us know what version and build of YF you are using? E.g. 7.1, Feb?

Thank you very much,


Hi Kyle,

I have attached an screenshot. As you can see this is a long list to scroll. It would be easy if there is somewhere an option to search for a string. Or if you type a string it only shows the values who contain this string. Like there is in the normal filter box.

We are using Yellowfin 6.3 build 20141022

Hello Salvatore,

I have created the enhancement request for you - #191541 - the ability to search within a
cached filter box.

Please understand that if this functionality is ever introduced it will only be in the latest build
of each supported version of the product.

As a possible work around you do have the option to display as many values as you want
that are visible to the consumer without having to scroll. This can be set here -

Forum image

Thank you,