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Sequence Number


Is there a way to get sequence number starting from �8000001� in my report at runtime



Thank you for submitting your question to our forum.

Is it possible to get some clarification? By sequence number
do you mean the report ID number?

Please let me know and I will follow up accordingly.



Hi Kyle,

I meant Sequence number which is similar to Serial Number, instead of starting from 1 number should start from 8000001. Using the Analytical function,Accumulative Total I do not get the correct results.


Hi Suneetha,

if I have understood you correctly, I think you need 2 calculated fields, the 1st one simply has the value of 1. Drag this into the report and apply an "Accumulative Total" Advanced Function to it so that the resulting rows are 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

Then the 2nd calculated field should simply have a valued of 8000001. Drag this into the report and apply the Advanced Function called "Sum of Columns" to it and then point it to the 1st calculated field. Then you will get 8000001 + 1, 8000001 + 2, 8000001 + 3, etc.

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Please let us know if that's what you were looking for or not.

Thanks Dave. That works :-)