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SFTP broadcast not working

Hi Team,

We are using the YF 7.1 Jan build and trying to use the SFTP broadcast option.

We have configured the server details, users name and password , but the broadcast would fail. There was issues with SFTP and i believe it was fixed in September patch 2015.

Let me know if i have missed out any settings that need to be enabled. If you can provide me the detail steps for sepulchering the SFTP broadcast it will be of help.


Hi Mala,

There is nothing you need to configure to take advantage of broadcasting to SFTP.
You just enter the address as per normal:

Forum image

If you are running into an issue with this, can you please ensure you're using a recent build of Yellowfin and that it's also affecting all broadcasts, and not specific reports or export types.

I recently performed tests in the March 2016 release to ensure it was working.