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show data refresh time on report

Hi Team,
I have a report which fetches data from 2 combined views using UNION sub query type, both of the combined views are scheduled to run daily at 8:00 am. Every day my user uses this report after 9:00 am (both of the 2 combined views takes around 2 minutes to run, so by the time the user views this report, data should be up to date).

my situation is : sometimes one of the combined view fails to run, so the report data which user see in that day is not up to date, but user can't tell until he digs into detail. Is that possible to show the combined view run time on my report? or is there a way to tell user that the data refresh time explicitly on report? Thanks

BTW, if the combined view fails to run, i assume it still keeps yesterday's data, right ?
can any one help to answer my question?
Hi Amy,

Thanks for the question. This is a bit of a tricky one.

If your report has a scheduled refresh defined, the last time the report was refreshed will appear under the report activity stream:

Forum image

However this won't really give you any insight into whether or not your view(s) were refreshed successfully. The report is basically going to refresh itself against whatever cached view is currently considered 'current' by Yellowfin.

Do you think that you might be able to explain why you are using composite views and view caching? We usually only recommend view caching when there is an performance incentive to to cache.

In my opinion, if possible, it might be worth avoiding view caching altogether. Is this something you have considered?

I look forward to hearing back.

Kind Regards,

HI Dustin,
Thanks for your post.
Sorry to get back to you so late.
I use composite view as my report's data come from 2 different sources(2 sql servers).