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Show Filter Values


It's possible to ommit (VIEW) Access Filter when use the option Show Filter Values on report creation?

Showing only the filters informed by the user.

Thank you for the forum post question.
Could you tell me what version and build of the Yellowfin software you are using so I can better assist you?

Also could you please send a screen shot of what you currently see and want to ommit?

Current Schema Version: 20130704
Original Code Version: 20140827
Current Code Version: 20140923

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[quote="">It's important that this happen on export routines too.[/quote]

at the moment when you choose to display filter values it displays all filter values and it is not possible to omit the source filter value, so I have raised an enhancement request for such an option to be implemented, the Support Task ID is 176775

Thanks for suggestion,
Thanks Dave!

Is there a way to follow this support tasks?

when support tasks are raised the requesting organisation is recorded with the task, this means that when someone from the organisation logs into the Partner Portal they will be able to see their support task details. However, this process does not work for support tasks raised in anonymous forum posts.

Hi Dave, just now I have to access the portal. Does now I could follow this tasks?
Hi Rafael,

now you should be able to click the Subscribe link on the bottom right, then you will be notified automatically by email when there's a new response on this post.

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Please let us know if it's not working as it should.

Ok. I will do that.

Really Thanks.

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