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Slide with only an image not right positioned (Yellowfin 7.1)

When i make a slide with just an image in Yellowfin 7.1, then the slide is positioned over my Title and subtitle, like:

Forum image

On the configuration of my Theme i do not have an option to position my image or defines margins. Alhough a normal content-slide has those options....

Forum image

Forum image

Have the Title and sub-title on an image-slide to be alway disabled. If so, can you then default those paremeters as "on"?

Forum image

Or is it possible (and i think better) to add those configuration options also to the image-slide of a theme?

Another issue:
While testing is appeared that the background of the theme is not displayed at this type of slide. Is that expected behaviour (so.. if yes is an image-only slide alwaus without background?)
Hi Peter,

Thank you for posting your questions and adding the screenshots.

1/ Image Slide: Setting the Margins
Thank you for this suggestion. I have created an Enhancement Request for this to be considered as a future build (TASK ID: 174402).

2/ Default HIDE Title and Sub-Title
At this stage we believe the current setting will stay as we hope that the above enhancement request will provide a solution to the overlapping of the image on the title and subtitle.

3/ No Theme in the Background
You are correct on this. This is due to the image slide currently being designed for the image to fill the slide.

If you have any questions or I can assist further with this matter, please let me know.

Kind Regards,