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Slider and default parameters/filters

In a report i try to use a slider to have the user select a year the range from 2014 to 2020. The slider comes up with 2014 (default) at both sides of the slider.... so it isn't showing the range that is available for the user.
When i move the slider then the right-side changes and then left side stays at the 2014 value. I had expected that both ends of the slider present the min and max value, and that beside or above the slider the actual value is presented. Is it an option to change this behaviour in the future?

Some filters in my report are defined as 'In List'. I should like to have an option that "all" or "none" are default activated (in most case "all"...) based on the actual values of the list that is cached. Is there yet an option to have it work this way?

In my data there was a error with one of the records. It was inserted as "THUS" which should have been "THUIS". When i corrected this record i tried to refresh my cached filters. However the value "THUS" that isn't in the table anymore stays in the parameter/filter-list. It doesn't look like a cache problem, while the reports produces the right dataset with the corrected value. How does this refresh function work and how can i clean up?

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Hi Peter,

Please see comments below;

1- I believe this is actually a defect (TASK ID = 172487) as the left/right values should always be static values to show the min/max.
Hopefully this can be changed in the near future.

2-This is not currently planned, though I have raised an enhancement request (TASK ID = 172490)

3-The old value 'THUS' should no longer be shown in the list.
Does it still appear even after closing & opening the report?
Wondering if it's a caching issue.
I have actually tested this with my database, and after re-caching the filter, the old value is removed from the list.

Interesting to know your findings on this.

Hallo David,

regarding issue #3:
At this moment the "old value" disappeared. I use the Microsoft JDBC-driver for SQL-Server on this local test-system. So i assume that i could have been an cache/delay issue of the driver. As far as i know this happens ofter with this database. However i'm glad that it's not a YF-issue.

With kind regards,

Hi Peter,

Don't know how it cached it, but also glad it's gone.

Let me know if you see it again.


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