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SMTP – Couldn’t connect to host error message


We have a number of broadcast reports. Some go to multiple recipients, and we are seeing the error message "Failed for some recipients..." in the Admin Schedule Management screen.
I turned on the failure email option and we can see the success/failures. The message for the failures are all the same.

Error message: "Couldn't connect to host, port:, 25; timeout 60000"

I have checked with our mail server group, and they have not found issues with the server. It should be able to handle everything we throw at it. There is no pattern to the failures, or the reports that fail.

Any suggestions as to what might cause this issue?

Hello Chris,

Can you tell us your version and build of YF that you are using? E.g. 7.1, March?

Can you also zip up all of you YF log files and send those through? Please let us know when
this issue last occurred so that we can narrow down our search of the log files.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Using v7.1, March 2015 build. Will send the log files to support email.

Hi David,

I�ll see what we can do about increasing the timeout on the mail server, and will report back on results.


Hi Kyle,

I am stuck now with the timeout set at 60secs and always timing out. please shed some lite on how to change this or do we have to wait for release 7.2?

PS: also on 7.1.

Thank you
Hi Kyle,

We continue to have this issue occur. Mail server folks adjusted timeout on their side without positive results.

Looking forward to a fix for this on your end.