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Sort custom query

Hi. I have a report filter that I use a custom query for, however I don't want to sort the list data in ascending or descending order, I want it sorted in the order that the query returns it. As shown below, I want the TN site first, then the second site and finally third site.

Forum image

If I had the ability to turn on/off the sort that would allow me to achieve what I want. Sort on and ascending would be the obvious default setting.

Hi Michael,

It would be a good idea to disable sorting altogether and just return values in the order specified for cached filters.

I have raised an enhancement request for this (TASK ID = 169297) so hopefully it can be looked at for a future release.

Until then, there is no real way around this.
If you were using org ref codes, you could get around this, as it allows you to set the sort order with the ref code. But this will be ignored when using custom queries.

Please let me know if you require any more info on this.


Hi David,

Thanks. I can't use Org ref codes as the list will change for each customer.



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