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Sorting by the metric of a cross tab report


I am trying to create a cross tab report which takes the same form as the attached. (I've fruitified the data for sensitivity).

What I need to be able to do is order by the sum of the fruit (desc), but WITHOUT displaying the row total column as showing the total here does not give a true reflection of the data. i.e. One single piece of fruit can have many attributes, a banana being yellow, ripe and medium. However the total we see in the row total is not actually how many bananas we have in total and is thus misleading.

Forum image

In my real data set, the sum of my attributes will not vary much and will in most cases be the same total, so even if there is a way to get the MAX number of one attribute, or the MAX of the whole row and order by that, would be sufficient.

Looking forward to your input.

Hi Helen,

Thanks for the post!
Let me just say, you've made my day by fruitifing your data! Gave us a chuckle - much more entertaining than Quarterly target objectives and deliverable ranking averages...

However, I don't bear good news. It's not possible to sort by the row total, without also displaying the total. I can certainly see why it would be applicable in your case though.

I do apologize for the disappointment. :-/

Kind Regards,