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SQL validation taking a long time


Validation of the View SQL takes a long time. Seems to be a recent issue. One example attached. It took 14 minutes to validate the SQL.
SQL Query is in the attached txt file. Info on threads (info_threads.jsp) is in attached docx file.

Application Version: 6.3
Current Schema Version: 20121119
Original Code Version: 20090227
Current Code Version: 20141216

Thanks in advance,

Additional: The YF Views with problems are all views based on source SQL VIews.
Our sources are on SQL Server 2005 SP4
Hi Christopher,

Interestingly enough, we just recently implemented an enhancement request (181349) which was for having an option for skipping validation for view-level calculated fields, and that same sort of functionality could be implemented for the validation of Freehand SQL Views I imagine. But of course a developer would have to investigate the feasibility of it all, so an enhancement request has been raised for such an investigation to take place, the support task ID is 185466.


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