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Strange position for list-size in filter-formatting

In Yellowfin 7.1 the field "list-size" is defined in the section "display" which is the first section when formatting filters.

This field is only there when you choice "List Values" in the second section of this module. Which means that every-time you have to back in you want this "list-size" to be altered. Is it an option to move this field to the second section?

Another question: It looks likes then "List-Size" default to "5". Is there a place where this default can be configured?

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Hi Peter,

I have had a look into this one for you and it looks like this default cannot be changed at present so I have created an Enhancement Request for the list size to be moved to the Entry Style page and for the list size default to be adjusted in Administration. (TASK ID: 174604)

Please let me know if you have any questions or I can assist further on this matter.

Kind Regards,