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Sub-queries at more the one different view

(Yellowfin 7,l, Build september 2014)

On my system it looks like i can only have one (different) View in the subqueries i add to my report. When i try to add a second sub-query, then i don't have the option "advanced" to add a specific (other) view for this additional sub-query.

Is this expected behaviour? And if yes, can it be changed?

For your info:
In the example i tested, i used a minus-sub query type.

Forum image
Hello Peter,

I am just taking a look at your question and screenshot.

I am also using 7.1, Sept build.

Unfortunately I am unable to replicate your issue. See the below screenshot showing
the options I have when creating a second sub query.

Forum image

Maybe we need additional information on the specifics of the report you
are trying to create? Would this have something to do with why you are
not seeing the advanced option feature? Have you had this issue while creating
other reports using multiple sub-queries?

Also, from your screenshot I can't see where you have created this first
sub query?

Let me know your thoughts and please pass along some
additional info so we continue to look at this for you.

Lastly, I thought you were on Holiday this week? Why are you working while
on Holiday? You should be in full relax mode.

Thank you,


Hello Kyle,

the matter might be that i try to use to "minus" sub-queries in my report. With an append and a minus (as you tested) i do have the advanced option. But with the "second" "minus sub-query" then advanced option are gone.

Can it be that there are "formal" restrictions that make it impossible to use 2 "minus-subqueries" linked to different view? And, if so, does that also have this impact on "intersection-subqueries"?
Hello Peter,

You are correct. It is not possible to have the 'advanced' function option
when using either 'Minus' or 'Intersect' sub-queries a second time
in the report builder.

I've confirmed this with 'Intersect' as well.

Let me know if there is anything else.



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