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SUB-Query : only one record as result wanter

(Yellowfin 7.1, Build september 2014)

Is it possible to force a subquery to retrieve only one (1) record, like the Select "top 1 * from table" in a SQL-statement?

We use the SUB-Query function to check if a certain "productlabel" belongs or not belongs to a specific organisation. While "productlabels" are sold it is possible that one or more organisations have more the one entry in the table that is queried with this SUB-Query. The effect can be that based on that relation more then 1 entry of this productlabel will appear in the data-section on the basic report. With a "top 1 *" this could be restricted to only 1 item.
Hi Peter,

It is certainly possible to use the Top N Advanced Function in a Yellowfin sub-query, however, I suspect you would have tried that, which makes me wonder if I have misunderstood the scenario. In which case I wonder if the Sub-query function's Duplicate Records option is perhaps what you are looking for to restrict duplication of the productlabel.


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