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Summary Report Total Count

Hi Team,

I need two clarification:

1) In the attached image, 'Received Issues' having Total as 1.4K. But I want to know the complete total value. How can I achieve it?

2) In that image, 'Received Issues'(1.4K) and Closed Issues (1.1K).

For the last option 'First Call Close', we need to display the total value in terms of '%'(average) and it should calculate based on 'Received Issues' and 'Closed Issues' values. Is it possible in summary report?

Please provide your suggestion on this.

Forum image

Hi Chandra,

Thank you for posting your questions on the forum
and for including the screenshot.

Can you confirm this is a report summary chart? It looks
like it is a Series Selection? Also, what version and build of YF
are you using? E.g. 7.1, Dec?

Either way, for Summary Reports you should be able to see the
figures in their entirety by scrolling over it with your mouse (tool tip).

For your last question, regarding the % of 'Received Issues' and
'Closed Issues', you should be able to create a calculated field
and then use that field as another metric in your chart.

Series Selection Set-Up

Please let us know how this goes and we can follow up

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your suggestion.

1] I have recently downloaded the 7.1 release and as per your comment, its displaying the value when mouse over on it.

For example(default Yellowfin reports): In Monitor tab --> Athlete Invoice Summary report, this functionality is working fine as expected.
But in 'Series Selection' tab --> 'Camp Monthly Performance' report when mouse over on any value, its not displaying the value and there is no action.

In the above attached screenshot, 1.4K should display 1400. But its not coming.
Please validate it.

2] For Requirement 2:
I am clearing my requirements here. In that screenshot, 'Closed Issues' having 1.1K and 'First Call Close' having 489.

My requirement is: 'First Call Close' should not display 489. It should display the value in term of percentage(%) and the calculation need to be done based on
FirstCallClseValue/ClosedIssuesValue --> ie: 489/1400. This has to be display in %. How we can achieve it for series selection report.

Provide your suggestion on these two and let me know if it is not clear.

Hi Kyle,

Is there any update on this?
Hi Chandra,

Apologizes for the delay in getting back to you on this query.

I've created an enhancement request to consider having the tooltip ability
to apply to figures in Series Selection (panel option). Task ID# 188036.

Regarding your second issue - 'First Call Close' being displayed in terms
of a % and this % being based on 'FirstCallClseValue / ClosedIssuesValue' -

You would first need to create a calculated field that would satisfy your
requirement of 'First Call Close' being a percentage of the other two fields.
Once you've completed this field, you can then add it to the Series Selection,
like you have with the other metrics.

Please let us know if this makes sense, or if we have misunderstood your

Thank you,

Hi Kyle,

Could you please update the status on Task ID# 188036?

Hello Chandra,

I have taken a look at this enhancement request for you and unfortunately it has
yet to make it on the Dev table for discussion.

If this is a critical issue for you and your team you may want to consider bringing this
up with your YF account manager to see if this can be pushed along.

Thank you,